Moment de panique. Complet. Insidieux et totalement dementiel. Mais tout va bien, tout va bien. Une semaine et demie quoi.  Jusqu’ici tout va bien, jusqu’ici tout va bien.  Ca va aller


As for today, word’s been dropped, so may “hints” be. We’ll walk along our own path The one which will lead us to our own bless But we need hints before we get tired We need speed before we lose pace We need a hint to know we’re on the right track (José Gonzáles, Hints) […] Read More

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Tonight, let it flow like if your soul was consuming.

I’ve had that thing lying on the hard drive, since some times, a so called writing program. No fuss about it, dark barkground, clear character, nothing but simpleness. The album “Romantic Works” by Ren Ford in the background. To be honnest, i’ve gone through my music library to find something that would fit. As when […] Read More

Are we ?

That’s surprising, sometimes. The question about the individual. The self-proclaimed unicity. It’s always been a challenge for me. Not the sociable kind, more like sticked on the walls, and a bit uneasy in common activities. The question of difference have probably been taken the other way,min the sense that at a time you seek for […] Read More


Lines. Building over as the train goes by. Tracing in colored flows along the lone, along the trip. Distorting, dancing but straighter as the train accelerate. Again and fast. I’ve always find that part fascinating and full of sense, when you can actually feel the movement. Even if it is along a predetermined path, even […] Read More

All is vain

And filled with bitterness. I loved that movie. Italian. Melancholic, but beautiful. I cannot argue with that country and that language, really, and it’s not because i have relatives that *are* actually italian, it’s just that it’s a wonderful culture, country, people. The way to language sing, the food, the woman and their personalities. But. […] Read More


Night was there since some times now. Only the moon up, and its pale lights, giving that so special tone to the world. Desaturated, backlit, like a puppet plays. Shadows wandering, crackling sounds from some animals, wind too. Gentle. The thoughts of what should have been done by today, all that have been pushed back […] Read More

Storm is coming.

Rain’s pouring, party in the sky, thunder to rhythm it all. I… As far as I remember, I’ve always loved storms, thunders, and that specific rain. It all sing. Like a Homeric symphony, a concerto, loud vibrato included. I always have a memory of storms. Was a hot late afternoon. This wasn’t a classical one, […] Read More

New try, once again

New try. Once again. Not the will nor the obligation, just out of curiosity. The shape it’d take, the form it’ll evolve in. Rolling the dices.

When all is fading away

Les ombres et contours s’effacent, se diffusent pour ne laisser que silhouette subsistante. Sol et ciel se fondent, L’incertitude s’installe. Géant tragique se débattant dans un vide apparent, Absence de repères. Immobile.